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How are you #SavingtheSeas?

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Inspiring youth and families around the globe to protect the ocean by providing ocean education opportunities and conservation awareness through arts and entertainment.

Educational Programs

Saving the Seas is dedicated to educating people about the importance of ocean conservation. Our educational programs are designed to be family-friendly and fun, providing children and adults with an opportunity to learn about ocean life and the risks posed by pollution. We also organize beach cleanups and other events to help people take action and make a difference.

Advocacy and Awareness

At Saving the Seas, we believe that advocacy and awareness are key to achieving our goals. We work to raise awareness of environmental issues, including the dangers of plastic pollution. We collaborate with other organizations and individuals to advocate for policy changes that protect our oceans and marine life.

Building a Community

We believe that building a community of ocean advocates is critical to our success. Through our live and virtual events and educational programs, we aim to connect people who share our passion for ocean conservation. Our goal is to create a network of individuals and organizations that can work together to protect our oceans for future generations.

How Are We #SavingtheSeas?

Saving the Seas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ocean education and conservation through arts and entertainment. We work with volunteers and partner organizations to organize educational programs and events that raise awareness on environmental issues and inspire action. Join us in our #SavingtheSeas mission.

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Founded by Award-Winning World-Renowned Professional Mermaid Entertainer, Creator and Conservationist:

Children are the future voices
for our oceans and the hope for a future healthier planet.

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