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Green Coral and Fish

Our fundraising efforts pave the way for these educational ocean programs, empowering us to inspire and educate future generations about marine conservation and sustainability.

Our Programs

Kids in Art Class

Dive into Eco-Art

Dive into our oceans through art, crafts and games. We provide participants with workbooks containing fun puzzles, quizzes, coloring and activities related to each day's theme from our underwater ocean photography. Participants can also create up-cycled art with plastic that was collected from our beach clean ups, that is sanitized and prepared to become a beautiful piece of art by young artists. We encourage parents to participate in a virtual or in-person showcase of their child's projects on the last day, fostering a sense of family engagement in ocean conservation.

Drawing Time

Mermaid Adventures

Join us for a day of enchantment as young mermaids and mermen embrace their aquatic alter egos. Participants will don mermaid tails and glide through the pool, guided by certified instructors who will teach them graceful mermaid swimming techniques. But the adventure doesn't stop there—interactive sessions will sprinkle ocean education into the fun, sharing fascinating facts about marine life, coral reefs, and the importance of ocean conservation. With underwater games, treasure hunts, and imaginative storytelling, this pool day promises a splash of joy while fostering a deep connection to the wonders of the ocean. 


Ocean Explorers

Embark on a voyage of discovery with our exciting ocean-themed field trips designed to immerse kids in the wonders of the marine world! From aquarium wonders to coastal explorations, these educational adventures promise a tidal wave of fun and learning. Guided by marine experts, young explorers will gain insights into the delicate ecosystems, conservation efforts, and the interconnectedness of marine life. Whether it's a visit to a marine sanctuary, a hands-on tide pool excursion, or a boat trip to observe coastal wildlife, these field trips inspire a love for the ocean, fostering a generation of passionate stewards for our planet's most expansive and awe-inspiring ecosystem.

Kids in the Museum

Beach Guardians

Join us for a fun-filled morning where young environmentalists become beach heroes. Armed with gloves and eco-friendly bags, kids will embark on a coastal crusade to collect and remove litter, ensuring our shores stay pristine for marine life. Alongside the clean-up activities, educational games and interactive workshops will illuminate the importance of keeping our oceans clean and protecting the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems.


Learn with Mermaids

Dive into a magical journey as you meet our enchanting mermaids in a mystical encounter that brings the ocean to life! With a captivating blend of storytelling and oceanic knowledge, our mermaids share secrets of the sea, from the vibrant coral reefs to the mysterious creatures that call the ocean home. Young minds are transported into an underwater realm where they learn not only about marine wonders but also the importance of preserving our oceans. 


Virtual Education

Embark on an oceanic adventure from the comfort of your home or classroom with our captivating and educational videos and films, crafted by our dedicated team of marine enthusiasts! Immerse young minds in the mesmerizing world of the ocean as they watch stunning visuals and engaging narratives unfold. From vibrant coral reefs to the mysterious depths of the abyss, our content is designed to spark curiosity and foster a deep appreciation for marine life. These carefully curated videos blend entertainment with education, conveying important lessons about ocean conservation, biodiversity, and the impact of human actions on our seas.

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Integrating Our Programs

Join us in making a positive impact on the future by implementing our engaging and educational programs, empowering the next generation to become passionate advocates for ocean conservation and environmental stewardship.

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Support Our Mission

Help safeguard our oceans and marine life by contributing to our vital ocean conservation efforts – every donation makes a ripple of difference in preserving the beauty and health of our planet.

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