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Enjoy Mermaid Elle's partly animated-live action YouTube series where you can learn about nature, wildlife, the ocean and how to protect it! A splashin' time for the entire family. A brand new episode of Mermaid Elle #SavingtheSeas will be posted every month. - subscribe_PNG23.png

1+ Million on YouTube

Dive into the captivating world of "Mermaid Elle #SavingtheSeas" on YouTube, where imagination meets conservation in an enchanting series for children. Join the spirited Mermaid Elle on a magical journey as she embarks on thrilling adventures to save our oceans. Through vibrant storytelling, engaging animations, and educational content, Mermaid Elle takes young viewers on a voyage to discover the beauty of marine life while addressing real-world challenges like plastic pollution and coral reef protection.


This entertaining and educational series not only captures the wonder of the underwater realm but also empowers kids to become guardians of the seas. Subscribe now to "Mermaid Elle Saving the Seas" for a splash of fun and a tidal wave of knowledge that inspires a lifelong love for the oceans.

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